Dear partners!

The company Garant Ltd attach a great importance to building Total Quality System in the production and distribution processes that lead to a reliable, effective and honest system of relationships with partners.

Every year we attract new companies to cooperation and are proud of our reliable long-term relationships with our regular partners.

We are glad to share with you of our Company Values:


We preserve traditions and multiply the experience accumulated by domestic research centers. It is known that many scientific developments that appeared in Soviet times remain relevant and in demand today in the whole world. Due to the depth of accumulated knowledge, Russia holds a leading position in the production of mineral fertilizers.

Using only quality and proven components, we offer highly effective products for our and foreign manufacturers.


Competence and principledness are the main components that we put into the concept of Responsibility. We produce quality and safe products, both for consumers and for the environment.


Only a team of enthusiastic adherents, investing all the soul and knowledge into the common cause, is able to provide a quality and demanded product that ensures the growing needs of customers.

Our values ​​we have with great pleasure input in our mission:

“To take leading roles in the growing market of chemical products in the Russian Federation. We contribute to the development of our country, contribute to the transition of the Russian economy from the raw material to the processing model, increasing the overall stability and competitiveness of the country in a rapidly changing world. Using modern technologies, we stimulate the development of scientific and the educational potential of the country. ”

If you support our values –  you are our team – you are our partner! Join just now.

With a wish of success and future fruitful cooperation!


Respectfully yours

Director of “Garant”  Ltd

Savinov Vasily