Stabilizing additive STABIMIX ON 1, TU 2492-004-88604384-2015 – anti-caking agent for urea.

It differs from STABICARB MP31 in transparent color. Introduced into the fusion of urea. It has an excellent biodegradability, unlike CFS (KFC) it does not contain formaldehyde, it is absolutely ecological, it is created on the basis of raw materials of vegetable origin, physical properties allow using the existing system for KFS (KFK) without modifications. The effective consumption per one ton of carbamide is 0.7-1.2 kg.

Due to the special composition, the products of “STABICARB” provide anti-tracking of mineral fertilizers, block the processes of dust formation and moisture absorption.

This product has proved itself due to its composition and properties and has successfully passed the tests for: Kuibyshev Azot OJSC, Nevinnomyssky Azot OJSC, Cherepovetsky Azot OJSC, Azot OJSC Berezniki, Tajik Azot LLP and a number of other enterprises, including urea consumers.

indicator Norm
1 2
1  Superficies Fluid is transparent or white without foreign inclusions
2  Kinematic viscosity, mm2 / s, within


3  Mass fraction of dry residue,%, within


  • For ammonium nitrate and nitrogen phosphate
    For ammonium nitrate and nitrogen phosphate