Stabicarb AS

Stabilizing additive STABICARB AS, TU 0255-001-88604384-2014 – anticaking agent for ammonium nitrate. It is applied to the surface of granules. It is a solution of amines and special additives in mineral oil. The consumption per ton of ammonium nitrate is 0.4 – 0.7 kg.

indicator Norm
 1 2
1  Superficies Homogeneous paste-like mass of yellow-brown color
2 Dropping point, ° C, within


3  The viscosity is dynamic at 90 ° C, mPa * s, within


4  Mass fraction of water,%, not more than


5 Flash point in an open crucible, ° С, not lower than


Due to the special composition, the products of “STABICARB” provide anti-tracking of mineral fertilizers, block the processes of dust formation and moisture absorption.

  • For ammonium nitrate and nitrogen phosphate
    For ammonium nitrate and nitrogen phosphate