• For ammonium nitrate and nitrogen phosphate
    For ammonium nitrate and nitrogen phosphate

Dear customers,

we found a solution to eliminate your problems: the loss of quality of nitrogen fertilizers arising during their transportation and storage, when they are exposed to the negative effects of various factors. Even short-term storage of raw fertilizer can lead to such quality losses that will make it impossible for the end user to use it.

That is why the quality requirements for processing are quite high in Garant Ltd.

Our products are the result of working together with the leading specialists of the profile research institute of carbamide. Their credibility is quite high among our customers.

Scientific research and domestic raw materials are the key to success in our competition with import producers.

Our innovative developments are based on the following:

– Surfactant molecules are attracted by their polar sources, which can be used to protect the environment. Surfactant molecules consist of polar hydrophilic groups and a non-polar hydrocarbon chain with hydrophobic properties.

– In addition, we found a substitute for carcinogenic additives. This is Stabicarb MP31 – for insertion into the fusion of carbamide. The only environmentally friendly, economical and effective replacement for the applicable urea-formaldehyde resins. The effective consumption of MP31 is just over 1 kg per ton.

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